Enlightenment, one post at a time...

Enlightenment, one post at a time...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Late Dinner

So, last night after our ordeal at the hospital, we went out for "late dinner" with a Chinese friend, Patrick.  Late dinner is, apparently, common amongst Guangdong inhabitants.  They usually go out to eat at around 9 or 10, after their normal dinners.  A bit like the hobbits' second breakfast.  Anyway, we went out and ate pigs ears, snails, and noodles.  We didn't care much for the ears, but I liked the snails (Cecelia, not so much).  We had a fair number of beers before returning to the dorms.

The food here has been relatively spectacular compared to my experience two years ago in Guangzhou.  I think this is due to our proximity to Hunan province, and the more concentrated variety of restaurants.  A few days ago we had potato noodles which were delicious.  We also managed to find a Uighur restaurant, where they make Xinjian noodles (the kind that are pulled fresh in front of you) which may be the most delicious thing on the face of the planet.

Today we took it easy, went to the store and bought a few items before going to Haiyan and Steven's for dinner.  The weather has been nice the past couple of days, a little rain, but relatively cool.  I've had some contact from students.  It's really a little unsettling, the amount of respect that they show me.  I wish I could say that it didn't make me uncomfortable, but it is a little awkward at times.  Hopefully I can adjust.

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  1. I would need many, many beers before I would gag down pigs ears or snails!!