Enlightenment, one post at a time...

Enlightenment, one post at a time...

Thursday, September 2, 2010


We're going to the mainland tomorrow.  I'm fine with this, given that I'm growing a little restless here in HK.  Everything is so expensive, and it's hard staying in the same little room for over a week.

I'm already trying to get myself into "China" mode.  I have to re-acclimatize to speaking Mandarin and being stared at.  Hopefully once we're in Shaoguan we can get our VISAs straightened out, get cell phones, and set up internet access in a prompt fashion.  I realize that things rarely go as smoothly as possible in China, but I'm not above hoping.


  1. Salut!!!My name is bogdan from Romania!!!
    We can be friends ???
    I can put on your list of blogs?? thanks

  2. Collin, best wishes for your trip and getting things organized once you arrive. We'll be thinking of you and Cecelia!