Enlightenment, one post at a time...

Enlightenment, one post at a time...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Illness and More Holidays

Sooo, I've had some weird intestinal cramping and diarrhea for about a week now.  I've been to two doctors, received countless I.V.s, and taken innumerable pills.  No one seems to be able to tell me what's wrong.  It's really starting to piss me off.  I want to shake this thing and move on.

The worst part is that it really messed up our travel plans.  We have yet another holiday this week, but due to my illness (and to the fact that we were unable to book tickets in advance, as we received our paychecks 2 days before the holiday), we are stuck in Shaoguan.

We've decided to head back to Hong Kong tomorrow.  We're going to buy some Western groceries (for ourselves, and a neighbor), see a movie, and spend a day in Macau gambling (insert joke akin to... "You think Macau has gambling?  Try ordering the street food in Shaoguan!  Now that's a gamble!").  On the way back, I'm going to stop by the Western clinic in Guangzhou to speak with an American/European doctor.  No offense to Chinese doctors, but they always seem to mix Western medicine with Chinese, telling me things like "Do not eat fish, it will give you hot air in your body that will pull your Chi out of balance."  Thank you Dr. Hu, (okay, not really, but I always assume that Chinese Doctors are named "Hu") but I'd much rather know what's actually wrong with me than hear you wax philosophic about my life force; be sure to pass my greetings along to the Emperor.

Classes went pretty well this last week.  I'm really starting to get the hang of my international trade class.  I think that the students enjoy the class, and I could tell from quizzes and the answers that they give in class that they're really starting to grasp the material.  I've asked if I could teach a politics class next semester.  I think the school is going to try and arrange something.

And now, though seemingly superfluous to this post, here are some pictures of Li, our neighbor Steven's son.

Li, reading my Lonely Planet
Steven and Li

That's about it.  We'll post again upon our return from HK.

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